Our Mission

Biological systems function stably and flexibly. Recent bioimaging technology reveals the stochasticity in individual cell or individual reaction in a cell that are the basic building component of all biological systems. Thus, biological systems are composed of unreliable noisy component even though the whole system can function robustly. This property contrast sharply with that of man-made systems in which the stable operation of a whole system strongly rely on the reliability of its components.

What is the underlying design principle of biological systems to realize their stable and flexible functions with noisy components? If we can discover the unknown principle, then we may be able to construct new engineering system that can operate robustly without consuming so much energy for S/N of individual components.

We are working on the following three topics:

  1. Quantitative biology of information processing of intracellular systems.
  2. Theory for stochastic biological systems and their information processing.
  3. Application of the theory for engineering systems.


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